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Airbag Suspension is the latest craze to hit the market and with dozens of products available Airborne Suspension have used and fitted most of them.

We have selected the top airbag suspension products for use in our kits some of which are

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering a quality product. Our fabrication and installs are where we separate ourselves from the others, We custom make all our airbag systems to the customer’s requests but also add our own style to each install which has given us a unique portfolio of vehicles each with its own style and flair.

Airbag suspension is an adjustable ride height suspension system which can be upgraded to a self-levelling system like the Accuair Self Levelling system or E-Level. This system allows for the vehicle to remain at a constant ride height no matter how much weight is put into the vehicle, This also enables the user to control each corner of the vehicle with a Accuair touch pad controller.

Please take a look at some of the vehicles that we have finished and call our professional staff to answer any questions you may have regarding getting your airbag suspension today.